What Rejection Feels Like In Comparison To Diabetes

Rejection feels like…

-When your blood sugar is high in the middle of the night and you keep correcting but somehow your blood sugar still rises.

-That feeling when you’ve gone low and eat half the pantry and right after you realize, “I shouldn’t have done that”.

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-That gross taste in your mouth after waking up the next morning from a midnight low.

-That feeling where all you want to do is focus but you can’t because your blood sugar is low.

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-When you go out and all you want is a regular soda but you know your life will be easier if you just get a Diet Coke.

diet coke
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-Having to explain that you do not need to watch what you eat more closely because no matter what you do you’ll still have diabetes.

Image found on {http://www.bustle.com/articles/84533-why-am-i-always-hungry-10-reasons-some-people-are-always-down-for-a-snack-explained} Article: Why Am I Always Hungry? Written by Gabrielle Moss
-That feeling you get when you’re talking to someone you’re interested in and they see your pump and for a split second have a freaked out kind of face.

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-When you have one of those roller coaster days where your blood sugar is high and goes low and so on and so forth (and JB’s song, ‘Roller Coaster’ was just a sick joke)

-When you’re sick with diabetes and have to test every freaking hour

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-When you actually do have keytones and you realize you’re in for a long road ahead of peeing and drinking tons of water.

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-When you have officially given up on society when a stranger comes up to you and asks if you have “The Bad Kind” of diabetes.

-When your blood sugar goes high in front of a boy you like so you have to run to the bathroom to throw up and then shoot up some insulin.

-When your blood sugar is so out of whack that you just want to go home and sleep because you’re emotionally and physically tired.

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-When your blood sugar goes low in the middle of class so you have to stand up in front of everyone and ask to go to the nurse and you swear you’ve never been more embarrassed.

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Cover image: Located at {http://www.bustle.com/articles/87539-11-caroline-forbes-quotes-from-the-vampire-diaries-that-are-perfect-for-every-part-of-your} The article published by Bustle written by Kelly S Chremph

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A Type 1 Diabetic teen that was introduced into the world of diabetes on November 11th, 2008. I continue to walk through the path of life even in this carbohydrate and plastic infected world. Follow me while I deal with diabetes, art, and environmental issues.

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