What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Coming from a small town, in which I have taken the liberty to call Smalltown, USA, there comes a point where you find yourself asking: what the hell am I gonna do today?

Small towns have this aroma after many years that nothing is very exciting anymore and then when you find something new and different it seems that people always follow your lead, making this new and exciting thing less exciting and new.

So if you live near Smalltown, USA or even in this lovely little town here is stuff you can do that doesn’t waste all your gas (just most of it) and refreshes your soul!

1). One of the most common things to do is drive around all night. Seriously, I have had countless nights where this happens, and it’s not just with one person, it’s with EVERYONE. Because there is literally NOTHING to do half the time. So drive around, waste some gas, and turn the music up!

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2). The Community Garden located in South Hadley, MA. It is exactly as it sounds it’s a small fenced in garden but it is BEAUTIFUL. It helps you to see nature better than before, and appreciate it more.

3). Creamy Delights in Hadley, MA. This may be biased because it is in fact my place of employment but The Cone or whatever everyone calls it has the best ice cream around. Even if you’re just driving through you must stop, it’s that good. Trust me. It’s opened from 12 to 9.

4). The BirdWalk in Hadley, MA on Moody Bridge. This little walk is so BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, it is a long walk however it is so pretty. Wild daisies adorn some of the paths and wild daisies are my favorite flowers.

5). The Book Mill in Montague, MA. With the cute slogan of “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find,” this is definitely one of the things that you should spend a day at. My mum and I just recently went and I took her on an adventure to go see the waterfall. If books isn’t your thing then there’s a thrifty music store and cute cafes all around it!
6). Recreating vines in your local stores. Now I’m not encouraging this but if you run out of ideas you can always go to your local Walmart and try to kick a inflatable ball across the store. Depending on their sense of humor sometimes the workers even laugh (but I wouldn’t know from experience).

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7). Cumberland Farms. Open 24/7. Drinks. Food. Bathroom. Food. Cool sunglasses. Do you need anything more?

8). Go on a hike. Seriously though. Especially if you’re from Western Mass it is the prettiest place to go on hikes. You’ve got Mount Sugarloaf in Sunderland, Skinner Mountain in Hadley/South Hadley, and Mount Tom in Holyoke. Seriously it’s a must.

found on oruoracle.com Thrifting in Tulsa

9). Thrifting. This is one of my favorite things to do. Because it’s shopping and it’s cheap. A lot of people really don’t like the idea of thrift shopping (even though Macklemore kind of made it cool again) but this is honestly super dope and there are so many advantages to this: it helps the environment for one. It saves you money. But please wash your purchases when you get home!!!!!!!

10). Finding lowkey food establishments (Local Burger in Northampton is always a fav). These are usually the best types of restaurants, while I will take a chain any day of the week there’s something about going to low key places that is so much better and more homey.

11). Walking around Downtown Northampton. There are so many things to do here during the day. You’ll just have to go there to find out (however most of the things to do involves spending money but I mean whatever?!)

If I missed anything that you find super fun let me know so I can try it out but for now these are some of my favorite things to do in a small town.

What do you do when there’s nothing to do?

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