Interview With Sunshine!

This past week I have spent my time in the freezing cold (but beautiful) sites of a wonderful campground not too far from Smalltown, MA. During my time at this retreat the other campers and I had to focus on commitment and what it means (while I was typing this introduction, Grey’s Anatomy was talking about commitment).
So, I decided that I would interview one of the legends that comes and endures the church camp every year with all the church camp goers.

How do you commit to Christ?
I commit to Christ through prayers, actions.. then if I give an answer I’ll be miss goody two shoes
I try to *starts singing* follow Jesus.
I feel that my commitment is totally personal. I’m not one to brag about [it]. Seriously, I don’t want to brag.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Pray. Read. You’re not gonna put pray.
Pray Pray Pray. Talk to the Holy Spirit.
I practice walking on water to see how strong my faith is, if I walk across the pond I’m doing really well.

Why are you at God Camp
Because I enjoy communing with nature and God’s children.

What’s your favorite part about camp?
The day you go home.

What’s your favorite camp memory?
I was never a camper, I ran away from this place further than.. I went to one CONVO and I think that was it.
My favorite memory… all of them are fond, I can’t even pick one because they are so fond…
Pretty soon I’ll have a book going.. I’ll be in churches everywhere pretty soon. I’ll be like Mother Theresa.. Mother Mimi!
If I get locked up because of this because they think I’m some freak or cucu.

What is the best thing church camp has to offer?
Don’t ask me that question.. A bonding between friends, prayer and social interaction and social interaction covers a lot.

What’s your favorite card game to watch?
I don’t even know the names of these silly things
You know I sit in front of a TV and I watch the game unless it’s an important game I don’t even know what’s going on. I couldn’t tell you the names or the players or the team I just totally zone out. Ask Eric I just zone out. I just sit in front of the TV and people ask what I do and I just zone out.

What do you think Big Papi’s biggest contribution to society was?
His name.

What’s your favorite ice cream?
Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz from Ben and Jerry’s.
God I haven’t had that in forever.

LIFE UPDATE: I have fostered an elephant from Kenya! His name is Rapa and he is a beautiful creation! The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does amazing things with the wildlife in Kenya (not only elephants you can help giraffes and rhinos as well!) Please consider clicking this link to learn more about the great work that they do!


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