7 Thoughts A HS Senior Is Probably Having When You Say The Word College

7. Acceptance Rates
Googles: *Any elite schools that you know you have close to no chance of getting into*
Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.06.40 PM
“Okay so 5.4% means that out of every 100 people 5.4 people are accepted, so maybe I could be the .4? Okay, awesome I could so get in.”

6. “What colleges are you looking at?”
*Let me think of the most well-known schools and tell you those ones first*
“I’m looking at (Ivy), (Ivy), (Ivy), (NESCAC), (NESCAC), (NESCAC), and some small schools in Boston”

5A. “So you’re going to college next year.”
“PLEASE don’t remind me”

5B. “So you’re going to college next year.”

4. Does this mean I can no longer use my HS email?

3. “What do you want to do after college?”
“I don’t know what I want to do yet! I change my mind every two weeks!!”

2. “My (some sort of relative/family friend) went there!”
“Great! Can they help me get in??”

1. Time really does fly!

It’s so crazy to think about that we spend most of our lives waiting to get to this moment and it feels so weird when it’s finally here. That all that time in school is finally done (until college of course). I never really believed it until now but try and appreciate every moment. Because it only happens once and when it starts to end, you’re going to miss it.

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