How Studio Art Changed My Life

I have always considered myself a pretty creative person. When I was 10 years old I wanted to be an interior designer because I loved designing spaces, but most of all I LOVED decorating. I have always loved looking at art work, but as I got older, I would then try to mimic my favorite paintings. I never thought that I was THAT great. But, I was constantly told how creative I was (which to this day kind of makes me uncomfortable because I stem a lot of my ideas off of other people- which I think is really important in life, to use others work to inspire your own; but I’m getting off topic) so I just figured it was true.

I NEVER wanted to take an art class when I was in middle school and my freshmen year of high school. I swore not to (which I very much regret to this day). I didn’t want to do the assignments and I just thought that “Art Class” was so silly. Why would I want to take art when I want to be a doctor?

When I was in my sophomore year I had an issue with my schedule. The only option was to take an art class. So I did just that. My sophomore year I took my first high school art class. And I never thought that the class would eventually change my life. I never thought that the teacher would change my life for the better and I was able to connect with her on such deep levels. She helped me and told me how to achieve what I have always wanted to do.

Ms. Judah taught me that you should express yourself through art. And that art is not just in the form of painting or drawing but it is in photography and writing and poetry. I try to keep this blog up for her.
She also taught me the there is always a little violet in a sunset and that life is funny so we should smile and laugh more.

Now, here at Deerfield Academy I find myself leaning on my art teacher to help guide me in the art world, and help advise me through life. I never thought that I would try to start a career with art, but at the moment I want to be an art therapist. I have learned that art is a way to express how you are feeling in certain moments and that the final product will always make you feel so accomplished. I have learned patience through art and that you cannot expect a finished product within minutes. It simply just takes time.

Studio art has given me so many different perspectives in my life. I see light and shadows, angles and curves. I now try to see the beauty in the drawing. The littlest things in a drawing can make the biggest difference.

Finger Painter From Mexico

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.07.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.08.02 PM
Paintings From The Dominican Republic


Please pray for the people in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and all of the islands that are being affected by Hurricane Irma at this time! Also you can donate to help people in Houston at this link! And little tips on how to avoid scams can be found here!

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A Type 1 Diabetic teen that was introduced into the world of diabetes on November 11th, 2008. I continue to walk through the path of life even in this carbohydrate and plastic infected world. Follow me while I deal with diabetes, art, and environmental issues.

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