About Me

Hi friends! My name is Erin and I just wanted to use this page to introduce myself.
I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since 2008 and have been living each day in this carbohydrate-infected world. My current occupation is a student where I attend a private school in Massachusetts, I am currently embarking on the adventure of life.
I have been wanting to write for most of my life. When I realized that I could not have the patience to write a full novel, my amazing art teacher suggested that I begin a blog where I could express my feelings and thoughts but also a way to share my art work (and hopefully photography soon!).

In my free time I enjoy reading, but I also enjoy watching my fair share of Netflix (My list includes: Shameless, Dexter, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, etc.). I also enjoy hiking, watching sunsets, Fleetwood Mac, saving elephants and sea turtles, Justin Bieber, making art and helping other human beings.

In June 2017 I spent a week in the Dominican Republic where I helped to build a house for an organization called Cambiando Vidas (please check it out!). It is one of my favorite memories and the best adventure that I have ever been on!



My most recent friend comes from Kenya! His name is Rapa and he was rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Please consider learning more about the DSWT and consider fostering your own friendly creature! Not only do they rescue elephants but rhinos and giraffes too!



I blog every Thursday so please stick around and get to know me more!
I also post Motivational Mondays where I post a positive message every Monday! Just to give credit where it is deserved, The Bobby Bones Show is what inspired me to do this where every Monday morning they share their own positive story they have heard at 8:55 am! Please consider tuning in if you have the chance.

This blog is dedicated to the amazing and talented Marilyn Judah who passed away January 4th, 2017. This blog exists because of her and I blog in her memory.

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